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The Sion College book of Benefactors may be found in the Lambeth Palace Library. It gives details of all the donations given to Sion College for its upkeep, and for the expansion of its library. Daniel Mills, Rector of St Olave's Hart Street is familiar to those who have read the diary of Samuel Pepys. After the confusion of the great fire of London, just a few short years later, Samel Pepys is recorded in 1671 as a benefactor of the College.

"Samuel Pepys Esquire and
Secretary to the Lords
of the Admiralty, hath
upon the motion of Mr
Daniel Mills (ut supra)
given Twenty pounds


Ut Supra - as above. Daniel Mills is recorded as having given forty pounds in the record immediately preceding Pepys. These were very substantial sums. You can see what it would be worth today by using the Measuring Worth website https://www.measuringworth.com/ukcompare/

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