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Extended visit: Armenia: A pilgrimage and study tour

The kingdom of Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion, early in the fourth century. According to tradition, the Armenian Apostolic Church, part of the Oriental Orthodox Church, originated from the missions of Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the first century. Armenia today is a place of change, following its 'Velvet Revolution' in the spring of 2018. Our study tour to Armenia will give us the opportunity to explore both of these aspects of the life of Armenia - its ancient traditions, and its modern challenges.  We will be attending the Divine Liturgy in Etchmiadzin, the centre of religious life in Armenia, and visit many churches and monasteries which tell the story of this ancient Church, including the Seminary in Sevan, the prison of St Gregory the Illuminator and the Gerghad Monastery, famous for the tradition that the spear which pierced Christ's side rested here.  We hope to be able to engage with clergy and church workers about the challenges they face and the opportunities they are enjoying, for example outreach through their new youth centre. The programme envisaged will involve quite a lot of walking around historic (and hilly) sites.

At this stage we are requesting all members wanting to apply for a place to write, using the form sent by email, to express their interest and to outline their particular reasons for wishing to join this visit. Please note that online registration and payment will not be available for this event.

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